Why Order Canada Pessary?


We understand the need for quality when it comes to patient health. That's why all our products are licensed by Health Canada and manufactured in a facility with highest quality assurance protocol that ensures the safety and quality of the
products. Moreover, all our products are made Latex-free.

Low Prices

We offer competitive pricing to Pharmacy & select Retail stores, whether you need to order 1 unit for your patient or you keep a stock of various pessaries. This ensures patients get access to our products at lower prices.

Canadian company

We are a Canadian company! Stores no longer need to order products from across the border. That means all prices are in CAD and you no longer have to worry about CAD/USD conversion rates. This also ensures easy accounting with invoices in CAD.

Express Shipping

Our products are shipped from within Canada and arrive quick! Stores no longer have to deal with shipping delays or customs clearance and fees.

Our Pessary Collection

Our Pessaries are available to Pharmacy & Other Retail Stores to purchase online at discounted rates. Please read below on How to Create an Account & Order Online section. Our Pessary collection includes:

  • Pessary Fitting Kits
  • Ring Pessary (With Support or Without Support)
  • Ring With Knob Pessary (With Support or Without Support)
  • Cube Pessary (With Drain or Without Drain)
  • Gellhorn Pessary (27.5mm Stem Length or 37.5mm Stem Length)
  • Donut Pessary
  • Dish Pessary (With Support or Without Support)
  • Incontinence Ring
  • Marland Pessary (With Support or Without Support)
  • Gehrung Pessary
  • Shaatz Pessary
  • Flexi Shelf Pessary
  • Cup Pessary (With Support or Without Support)
  • Oval Pessary (With Support or Without Support)
  • Hodge Pessary (With Support or Without Support)
  • Inflatable Donut Pessary
  • Pessary Remover

Received an Order or a Prescription for Pessary?

A physician has to prescribe a pessary. Health care providers perform pelvic exams and pessary fitting prior to selecting and ordering the pessary type and size suitable for a patient. Upon receiving a prescription for a Pessary, it is important to identify the TYPE and SIZE of the Pessary ordered.

Ready to order? Create Account & Order

Once you know the Type and Size of Pessary ordered by a physician on a prescription, you may click on 'Login' on the top right corner and create an account. Once information is submitted, it takes just few minutes for account authorization. After authorization, you shall be able to see the Special pricing on our Products page and Order required Pessaries.

Report an Adverse Event? 

In case of an Adverse event reported by a patient or a health care professional, please contact us immediately by email at 'CustomerService@CanadaPessary.CA' and write 'URGENT' in the subject line. Please provide us with your contact in the email our customer service team will contact you immediately.

Further information? 

You may contact our customer service team via website form or email for any questions related to the product ordering, use, or aftercare.