About Pessary 

A vaginal pessary is a removable medical device intended to be placed in the vagina. It has evolved over many years and is effectively used as a non-surgical method to relieve the stress of a cystocele, a rectocele, a uterine or bladder prolapse, or problems associated with urinary incontinence. It comes in a variety of shape, size and materials. It is considered safe and comfortable for long term use. A Healthcare professional does the Pessary Fitting for patients in order to find right type and size for Patients. It is not recommended to buy and use a Pessary without prior assessment by a Healthcare Provider.

Our Pessary Collection

Our Pessaries are licensed by Health Canada and manufactured in a facility with highest quality assurance protocol that ensures the safety and quality of the products. All our products are made from Medical Grade Silicone and are Latex-free. Our Pessary Collection available to individuals or patients to purchase online includes:

Common Uses

Pessaries are cost effective in treatment of Prolapse and are used to relieve symptoms of Prolapse (bulging, pressure) and Urinary Stress Incontinence. A Pessary is also used sometimes as a temporary treatment of symptoms while awaiting surgery. Pessaries are designed for single patient use and are supplied non-sterile.

Finding a Right Pessary 

Your healthcare provider has to prescribe or order a pessary. Your healthcare provider has to perform pelvic exams and pessary fitting prior to selecting and ordering the pessary type and size suitable for you. Pessaries are commonly used across Canada in women of all ages. Moisturizing or pH balance products can be used with the pessary and are readily available in stores. Talk to your healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns regarding a pessary.

Directions for Use 

Each pessary is supplied with Directions for use sheet and has instructions in 6 different languages. Your healthcare provider shall also discuss with you the instructions on use and proper care of pessary during the fitting appointment. Please note that Pessaries are supplied non-sterile and shall be cleaned as per instruction sheet prior to use.


Pessary is contraindicated in acute genital tract infections, pelvic infections, or in non-compliant patients. 


Healthcare Providers perform assessments and recommend patients based on their specific situation, whether a Pessary device is suitable for a Patient or not. It is very important that a pessary fitting is done and a correct size pessary is used. When fitted correctly, Pessary should not put too much pressure on vaginal wall. Moreover, Pessary should be checked for fitting regularly by Patients and their Healthcare providers. Some Healthcare providers prescribe Estrogen to use with Pessary to minimize irritation from pessary use. Regular cleaning and care of Pessary as per instructions is very important.

Some of the complications may include bleeding, open sore, rectocele, wearing away of the skin in vagina wall (which, if severe, may result in forming of opening between Vagina and Rectum).

Frequently Asked Questions 

My healthcare provider wrote me a prescription. How do I purchase Pessary?

If you know the Type and Size of the Pessary prescribed, you may order Pessary online. Just go to our Shop Online page and choose correct Type in the Product details page. Then pick correct Size. Some Healthcare providers, Pharmacies and Medical supplies stores stock Pessary products. You may also request your Healthcare provider or Pharmacy to order the prescribed pessary from us if they do not stock. 

How long will I have to use a pessary?

You may not always need to use a pessary. Your vaginal muscles may strengthen to the extent that your pessary is no longer needed. Sometimes, it is only required for strenuous exercises such as hiking or running. If you are awaiting a surgery, a pessary is only a temporary until the surgery is performed. Follow your healthcare provider's instructions and remember to keep all your follow-up appointments.

Will it hurt or become uncomfortable?

Pessary shall never cause pain or discomfort if fitted properly. You should have no difficulty in performing your daily routine.

How frequently shall I remove my pessary?

You should follow your healthcare provider's recommendation. It is not unusual for pessaries to remain in place from 4 to 12 weeks. However, it is usually recommended that you remove your pessary daily and clean it with mild soap and water. If you do not know or have difficulty removing your pessary, contact your healthcare provider and book an appointment for removal and cleaning of your pessary.

Can my pessary fall out?

Yes. If that happens, you may clean the pessary with mild soap and water and reinsert it. If this becomes persistent, contact your healthcare provider as you may need a different size or type.

Will my pessary set off an alarm at security check in airport?


Is it safe to have sex with my pessary in place?

You may with most pessary types. If you need to remove your pessary, you may do so too.

Is it a Contraceptive device?

No. Pessary is not a Contraceptive device and it does not prevent pregnancy. Speak to your healthcare provider for more information.

What is the material used in the device?

Most Pessary products provided by us are made of Silicone and are Latex Free. If you have any questions regarding a specific pessary, please contact us.

Do I need to clean the Pessary when I receive it?

All Pessaries we offer are non-sterile medical devices. We carry Pessaries from different brands. Some brands provide Pessaries dusted with food-grade powders and need to be cleaned prior to using, while some brands provide pre-cleaned Pessaries (with no dusting of any powders). We recommend to clean Pessary prior to each use by reading the instructions for use guide supplied with each pessary for cleaning instructions. 

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