Why all our products always stay 'In Stock'

Our robust supply chain ensures all our products stay in stock all the time!

Since the beginning of Pandemic, there have been supply chain issues across the globe. With one product being available, other goes on backorder. Lately, there has been an issue in supply chain of Medical Devices, especially Pessaries of certain brands.

Our team consists of highly experienced supply chain specialist who work tirelessly to ensure all our products stay in stock all the time. As our customer, you can stay assured that the product you ordered will be on its way to your shipping address in short time. Our Inflatable Donut Pessary is going through some design changes and we will expect the availability of the same in late July 2022.

If you are a procurement specialist for a healthcare organization, feel free to contact us at customerservice@canadapessary.ca with your requirements. Our team will work with you and join the vendor list of your organization quickly so you can get our products as soon as possible...